Can't register with KYC for singularity Dao from uk

Just been through KYC and when I try up upload license or passport it say ls not allowed from my country.

Can anyone advise me on what to do?
I want to buy singularity Dao with AGI

Ditto. As a Canadian, I can’t register either. The admin’s in Telegram stated “unfortunatelly due to legistlative restictions of your country of residency that you won’t be able to participate in the Governance Generation Event.” A US citizen is saying the same thing about his documentation on Telegram as well. Apparently, it doesn’t remove us from airdrop eligibility but it does from Governance at this time.

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UK has recently changed their laws, and therefore we cannot accept participants from the UK. A list of banned countries is on our blogpost: Introducing the SingularityDAO Governance Token Generation Event | by Marcello Mari | SingularityDAO Ai-DeFi | Apr, 2021 | Medium