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Superb in depth suggestions I’ve read here.

My more vague and naive suggestions include:

Smaller allocations to larger numbers of people.

Priority given to long term holders of Sdao.

Introduction of long term lock up arrangements of sdao tokens in exchange for priority on launchpad allocations.

Priority given to holders of other Snet ecosystem tokens

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This is an interesting approach

This is an interesting approach which takes into account long term holders also, also reducing the max allocation makes sense if from $1250-$5000 max allocation to something between $100-$500 is implemented then I think more people will get the chance to participate provided its on the Ethereum chain atm due to the gas fees…

I have read some great suggestions in this forum, and I would just like to make a few pointers to consider.

  1. Long term holders of AGIX/SDAO incentive and loyalty should be accounted for
  2. Incentive for the new comers into the ecosystem (Not always guaranteed due to the rush)
  3. Reducing the price band for participation to enable more buyers of new tokens (newbies)
  4. Larger allocated tokens should get vested for longer than less allocated tokens (goldies)
  5. Bonded stakes of SDAO should get guaranteed allocations for new spin-off projects albeit less than FCFS.
    OccamFi has a CED (Continuous ecosystem diversification) system that gives certain percentage of new project tokens to long term stakers. It also has a tier system in which large token holders get guaranteed allocation whereas lesser tier holders enter in waves, which are time bound.

Vent also has an interesting approach where any verified project goes through a decentralised upvoting process by the community and then the project enters into the IDO.
I think a mixture of these two can be implemented in SDAO’s launchpad

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Good summarize. And when we reduce the amount from 5000 usdt to 500 usdt everyone has the chance to get a portion. Everyone can decide on there own is it worth to spend appr. 100 $ fees (more or less) etc. Later the fee topic will not so important anymore (cardano chain etc.)

The Message from the Company Was always to decentralized as possible. Here they have the chance.

If the nunet ido would perform on that way not only appr. 600 ??? People would parcitipate it would be more than 1500-2000 people who decide to parcitipate. No more wasted fees with no guarantee to get a Portion (as I wasted Appr. 120$ for nothing = convert agix to usdt (app. 25 $) ; send it to my wallet (appr. 15 $) ; (appr. 20 $) for pre approval in the launchpad and final the try to get some tokens (appr. 60 $). But hey I Was not fast enough. Think in the next time I will do it (push the Buttons(nano s) in 2 seconds to approve instead of do it in 6 seconds or/and I adjust/increase the speed (higher fees)) with no guarantee to get something.

Guys we need the (24 hours) timeframe. Not everyone can parcitipate due there daily work, different timezones etc. You want a decentralized community over the World than you must do the Points which I, fellingud and others described in there posts.

There could be a fungible, nontransferable token maybe called SLAO (SingularityDAO Launchpad Allocation Order), which can accrue to the user’s address on a monthly basis and be exercised to guarantee an allocation for AGIX and SDAO token holders/stakers in launchpad projects, but specifically encourages SDAO token holders to stake their SDAO tokens longterm and thus remove tokens from secondary markets. Tokens can be credited to the associated address once per month.

(SDAO or AGIX Balance * Stake Multiplier) / 12 = Monthly SLAO Dispersion Amount

  • Bronze Tier:
    Unstaked SDAO / AGIX holders get a 0.1x Stake Multiplier which is credited at the end of each month.

  • Silver Tier:
    Staked SDAO in the unbonded contract gets a 1x Stake Multiplier which is credited at the end of each month.

  • Gold Tier
    Staked SDAO in the bonded 3 month contract gets a 1.5x Stake Multiplier which is credited at the beginning of month as soon as the SDAO tokens are staked.

  • Diamond Tier
    Staked SDAO in the bonded 6 month contract gets a 2x Stake Multiplier which is credited at the beginning of month as soon as the SDAO tokens are staked.

Example 0: 1,000 AGIX/SDAO held in private wallet (metamask/trezor/ledger/etc) accrue 8.3 SLAO at the end of month

Example 1: 1,000 SDAO staked in unbonded contract accrue 83.3 SLAO at the end of each month

Example 2: 1,000 SDAO staked in 3 month contract accrue 125 SLAO at the beginning of each month

Example 3: 1,000 SDAO staked in 6 month contract accrue 166.6 SLAO at the beginning of each month

SDAO and AGIX token holders receive 0.1x stake multiplier rates of SLAO dispersion for holding 1 month+

SLAO tokens can be burned after being used for an allocation or after exceeding 12 months in age to encourage participation in the Launchpad

SLAO holders have an X-Day window to purchase their allocation and then the remainder of the launch project tokens go to FCFS pool for everyone else


Youtube Explanation Here


Hi Guys, I personally like and support ideas along the lines of what was proposed by Gorki and Crypto_AI_Profit.

Perhaps we should start with something simple and build it up - but ultimately, it needs to be based on merit and involvement so as to encourage and reward people that take an active part and thus, start building a healthy functioning DAO.

(Excuse me if I’m making things overly complicated and dreamy, I’m just throwing in some quick thoughts in case anything inspires.)

Important criteria imo should be: skin in game, time in the game and valuable contribution.

Things to consider may be:
Formula accounting for the amount of tokens held weighted by their importance and the duration these are held… perhaps in the following order of significance - Sdao, agix, ntx and so forth.
DeFi activity: We shouldn’t only consider staking, but also Liquidity Providing, since this holds the additional risk of impermanent loss… farming? etc.
Dao involvement/Community involvement… e.g. telegram log ons and chats, forum log ons and posts, tweets, supporting youtube vids, adopted ideas/positions etc

I’m sure the sdao team can easily develop an algo (and is in a unique position to do so - hence dynasets) to gather and calculate merit points by mining specific data and keep on updating these points as well as improving this AI over time.

As proposed above, fungible tokens can be issued to be used to purchase allocation or saved or traded/transferred to others… perhaps even nfts can be minted, like badges and trophies, for our best superstars/heroes. These can unlock more benefits/bonuses (exclusive clubs, secret chatrooms, one on one video call with Sophia?) and these too could be traded for sdao, agix, ntx or rtb… or kept for clout:)

If RTB (right to buy token) is transferred to outsiders and therefore ends up bringing new ppl into our ecosystem, some sort of tip can be given, to further encourage such actions.

Our merit method can keep learning and evolving so we will be not only be ahead of others with respect to DAO best practices, but also, be in a position to help and inspire other DAOs that may want to adopt this technology.

Ultimately, the more merit one has and the more one contributes to our DAO, the more chance he/she should have to profit and this would create a loop where more profits justify more time spent in service of the DAO. Right now many of us would love to be more involved but need to spend that time working for a living…the more this living comes from within the DAO, the more beneficial for all.

No fcfs
And there is no need for a Rube Goldberg machine like smart contract. We should be allowed to just send funds to a particular address during a particular time slot. And then anyone who met kyc & token holding requirements they get an Allocation. :v::vulcan_salute:

Gorki and @Crypto_AI_Profit described a system I really like. It excludes new people that come into the ecosystem but the goal should be to reward long term holders with the launchpad allocations.

Plus I was also thinking about adding a feature like @Hello proposed.