Dynaset Inclusion

Please consider that selection of tokens for inclusion in Dynasets could be quite strongly AI-assisted if choices were confined to tokens held by DAO members, that is SDAO and/or AGIX token holders, for example.

Would it not be better to have the DAO members vote on the decisions that the AI makes as it explores different token pairs to trade in? If we restrict the AI’s range of tradeable tokens to the ones that we all own already, then it will be missing out on chances to catch price surges of tokens outside its scope that could otherwise be exploited for profit?

Good point!

On the other hand, that way you’ve got a team of AGI people and their AGI project token holders shilling random bets on token prices.

For them - there is no DAO except in a years from now vaguely stated intention - to succeed you will have to buy yet more new tokens lol. (Remember when AGI token was supposed to be the “lifeblood”? Instead, when a potential near term utility came into view - oops! - let’s spin off an independent token and by the way dilute the original token 2x.

I’d like to see some little value actually returned. Not interested in some AGI researchers’ token picks. No thank you.