Far fetched thoughts: SDAO holders rewarded for acquiring new clients

Hello everyone, I would like to gather some opinions on what could be the involvement of the token holder in the future of SDAO. After an entire year learning about SDAO and gradually imagining what it may look like in the future I see such a broad appeal for all ranging possible clients, but i also imagine a competitive ecosystem where several other protocols are competing in the search of delivering the best returns. Basically when DeFi completely absorbs the investment sector and becomes the new Wall Street where everyone can play. At that point attracting new major clients would be up to the best salesmen, not only the performance of the protocol (much in the same way that projects with 100.000% APY are not really the smartest investments), the same salesman would be rewarded from the increase in performance fees the DAO accrues since he/she is a token holder but it might not be a sufficient incentive for the salesman to pursue the sale, in fact it may encourage token holders to be lazy and rest feeling like someone else might do it. So, in order to mitigate this could SDAO holders be compensated directly* by the protocol on individual acquisitions or would it be more compliance friendly to set up an independent entity where the token holder can “sell” the SDAO services, and would this be even legal?

*This protocol compensations could be administrated by @s3k0 's Treasury proposal.


Hello @Federico, I feel that we must first define what will motivate the future token holder - whether for example that is based on “traditional” ROI and wealth accumulation and/or the sustainable Value that can be leveraged by the best application of services.
AI might be able to help define and refine the styles and profiles at a great level of detail ( Investor profile - Wikipedia ), track the sales and compensations and refine the DAO operating model to converge on those most effective and sustainable as we approach the Singularity, with no new hacks or vulnerabilities from independent entities or any others.