¿how invest with dynasets?

Hi everybody, how can i start investing with DynaSets?

Hi :wave: and welcome to the community! I new here myself, the forum seems pretty quite, but I’m sure that will change as the project grows.

I recommend reading through both whitepapers, a lot of great info on the platform and project. The platform is still in development. From Marcello presentation at AIBC Dubai, he stated that platform would be up in a couple weeks. Hopefully, that happens. Can always start investing in SDAO via swaps if you missed the airdrop.

Marcello presentation at AIBC Dubai

This was pulled from the Platform Whitepaper and I think it helps answer your question. Hope it helps!

Liquidity Pool and Vault
By default, when you deposit crypto assets to a DynaSet, you receive DynaSet tokens in your
wallet, representing your share of that DynaSet. You can leave them there and get exposure to the
upside – the funds are accessible only to you – or you have the option of putting your DynaSet
tokens into DEXes Liquidity Pools to earn fees and farm SDAO tokens. Optimizers (see below) can
borrow the crypto assets underlying these DynaSet tokens. In return you receive shares of that
Liquidity Pool, an LP token. Each DynaSet will have its own LP token.
There are a number of LP tokens representing the assets held in the Liquidity Pool. As the pool
grows by earning interest (in the manner described in the next section), the value of each token goes
up, benefiting the holders of LP tokens.
Users who stake their assets in the Liquidity Pool help the ecosystem run more smoothly by
providing the assets DAMs need to do their job. As a reward for this service, these users receive the
SDAO governance tokens described in the section on DAO governance below.


The 5 job postings that just went up on this forum, which looks like they are hiring their entire project team (project manager, financial ML, back, front, solidity), suggest that it will be at least 6 months (a typical software development release cycle) before we will able to do anything with DynaSets.

Of course we might feel like we are speeding things along by buying the SDAO token. But if I have gotten the wrong impression… i.e. that this project has already been been under development, and perhaps that the above requisitions are for supplementary hires rather than a cold start for the whole project… I hope one of the executives will please post here. :pray:


Thankyou for taking an interest in our project.

It is my pleasure to put your fears to rest by assuring you that the project is already well under way and we are in fact just a few weeks away from launching the MVP of the SDAO Platform and our first DynaSets!

The MVP has been built by the SingularityNET Dev team whom, along with Ben Goertzal himself will continue to support SingularityDAO but will of course need to re-direct more of their attention to AGIX and the many other exciting Spin-Off projects that are also now preparing to launch!

In order to free up their time we have decided to hire our own dedicated team so that we can continue progressing with all speed and build the best DeFi platform possible!

I hope this answers your question satisfactorily.


thanks @Jon it does… we’ll be looking for some pages on (or linked from) the main web site about this exciting new architecture (beyond the usual white papers & videos) from the moment we hear in the blog that MVP has been launched. :sunglasses: