Issue with DAO Airdrop Mechanic For New Stakers

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to stake my AGI for the first time in Session #14. I want to support both the project as well as benefit from the DAO airdrop.

I recognize that I missed my window for tranche 1. However, reading Marcello’s blog, it appears that only those stakers as of the April snapshot (who then renew) will benefit from the staker distribution portion of the airdrop in subsequent tranches. That seems a bit unfair.

I understand the desire to reward long standing stakers…but you’re also rewarding those who staked on April 17 (not long time stakers) and disincentivizing those who desired to stake on April 18.

Considering how much Ether it costs to stake anyway relative to rewards, why not change the mechanic so that those who begin staking in Session 14 can benefit in the staking portion of the drop starting in tranche 2?

Doesn’t that seem more equitable while also providing more incentive to actually stake despite its cost?

Looking forward to a reply (hopefully from someone who devised this mechanic).

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Follow up inquiry…I was told that the April 17th snapshot was principally to stop wallet splitting.

Can the necessary KYC registration process stop the wallet splitting problem? In other words, 1 wallet per KYC account for the purposes of the Airdrop only?

It would be great if the tradeoff to stop wallet splitting didn’t have to be at the expense of incentivizing staking