Please explain for staking explanation, AGI, SDAO

First of all a big greeting to everyone in the singularity community!!

I’m pretty new to the crypto world. I own 31,000 agi token

Because I’m not expert enough about everything yet, I would like to get brief information about:

  1. What is the best way to get an SDAO token?

I currently hold an AGI at the Binance Exchange, And I was thinking of switching AGI to Ethereum wallet Metamask. But I’m not sure if that’s the best way to staking.

  1. Can you please write short instructions for staking AGI?

**Thank you very much in advance. **
Once again, big congratulations on the great projects that have come and are yet to come. I believe we have reached a stage where together we can create a better tomorrow for all of us. I’m really looking forward to it all and it gives me strength for each new day.
greetings from Croatia.

You can’t stake from binance wallet.
You need an offline wallet where you hold the ETH address.
You also will need to pay the ETH fee to send from binance to this wallet.
Once you done that, come back and I’ll tell you what’s next.

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Thanks for the information, which offline wallet do you recommend?

Metamask is ok but I don’t like it.
I think any erc20 wallet will do.
I use atomic but exodus is good too.
Once you install, you have to add the token using the AGI contract.

This is the contract, check by googling it


Once you enter that you can send AGI to it
Unfortunately, to send out you need to pay the ETH fee, so also need some ETH in the wallet.

Hopefully that will be solved when AGI moves to cardano Blockchain.

With any luck, the price of AGI will spike then soon

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Thank you so much for the information, You are a legend.

I think and believe that the agi will explode when it transitions to the Cardano platform, we tie ourselves tightly because we will take off not on the moon but in another galaxy.


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