Proposal for a Community Treasury

Dear SDAO-Community,
I`d like to propose the idea of creating a community treasury.

For example we could vote that 2% of the bonded staking rewards will flow into the SDAO community treasury. Also it could be an option to give some % of your DynaSet-LP Token rewards, if the DynaSet is creating an alpha. Lots of ways filling such a treasury.

Creation and filling of the treasury by the community will bring a wealth of benefits to the DAO and the individual has to only give away a small amount for that.

Ideas what the treasury (also temporarily) could be used for and which benefits are possible:

  • Grants Program for bringing up successful and high rated proposals to develop the DAO
  • The Treasury could sometimes serve a little discount on management fees or grants program in DynaSets to attract new investors. Or split as a little discount for all Dyna-Participants. Generally to attract more people using our beautiful dynaSets
  • Lottery for bonded staking members → generating higher TVL and so bigger treasury
  • Votes on partly using the treasury for partnerships or investments in infrastructure

That´s just a short list of ideas in my head, the potential is huge. Please just see it as a starting point of a discussion and bring in your thoughts and ideas too. What else are great benefits of a community treasury, especially viewing on it longterm. I´m seeing this as a healthy way of somehow support the DAO and also serve benefits for new investors/participants.

Why should we artificially burn SDAO tokens when this kind of increase in the value of the SDAO token is also possible?

Greetings s3k0


Hello @s3k0 , I agree with you that we need this. Treasury management is an important aspect of any DAO governance model and there are a range of approaches expressed for this, for example: How DAOs should approach treasury management . The principles stated in the article - be strategic (“infinite time horizon”), net positive (“inflows exceed outflows”) and with proper value allocation (“diversify”) - seem sound enough and are compatible with your ideas, but any risk of fraud must be recognized and managed of course.
A Grants Program that would minimize any latency between proposal and development sounds worthwhile, for example… I look forward to the discussion!

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