Proposal for a Community Treasury

Dear SDAO-Community,
I`d like to propose the idea of creating a community treasury.

For example we could vote that 2% of the bonded staking rewards will flow into the SDAO community treasury. Also it could be an option to give some % of your DynaSet-LP Token rewards, if the DynaSet is creating an alpha. Lots of ways filling such a treasury.

Creation and filling of the treasury by the community will bring a wealth of benefits to the DAO and the individual has to only give away a small amount for that.

Ideas what the treasury (also temporarily) could be used for and which benefits are possible:

  • Grants Program for bringing up successful and high rated proposals to develop the DAO
  • The Treasury could sometimes serve a little discount on management fees or grants program in DynaSets to attract new investors. Or split as a little discount for all Dyna-Participants. Generally to attract more people using our beautiful dynaSets
  • Lottery for bonded staking members → generating higher TVL and so bigger treasury
  • Votes on partly using the treasury for partnerships or investments in infrastructure

That´s just a short list of ideas in my head, the potential is huge. Please just see it as a starting point of a discussion and bring in your thoughts and ideas too. What else are great benefits of a community treasury, especially viewing on it longterm. I´m seeing this as a healthy way of somehow support the DAO and also serve benefits for new investors/participants.

Why should we artificially burn SDAO tokens when this kind of increase in the value of the SDAO token is also possible?

Greetings s3k0


Hello @s3k0 , I agree with you that we need this. Treasury management is an important aspect of any DAO governance model and there are a range of approaches expressed for this, for example: How DAOs should approach treasury management . The principles stated in the article - be strategic (“infinite time horizon”), net positive (“inflows exceed outflows”) and with proper value allocation (“diversify”) - seem sound enough and are compatible with your ideas, but any risk of fraud must be recognized and managed of course.
A Grants Program that would minimize any latency between proposal and development sounds worthwhile, for example… I look forward to the discussion!

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Sorry for the incredibly late response to this - the forum slipped away for a time but will soon be used much more actively as we begin to open the DAO Governance

As for treasury management, its something that will see more attention during 2023 so hold this thought :wink:

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