Several Ideas related to Q2 Roadmap


  • set “penalize-free” withdraw window period in dynasets each 3 months (4 windows/year). If a user withdraw inside that window (the window can have for example 5 days), he doesnt get penalized in his performance fee if alpha is generated. But if he withdraw outside the “penalize-free” window, he just gets half the performance fees.
  • create a “conservative” dynaset multiasset that just take the underlying assets and stake/yieldfarm them in their own relative projects. Perform bonded cycles of 6 months for example to avoid users premature withdraw. The rewards are the staking rewards, no trading involved. This can be done also with the stable dynaset, for example, in Anchor protocol, we can get a 19% with stablecoin.
  • To have bonded dynasets. If we have bonded dynasets, the last day, all the alpha could be converted to sdao, so that when users withdraw get their original assets + rewards in sdao and we do some buyback to maintain healthy price of sdao.
  • Create a dynaset of dynasets that can rebalance its contribution to each dynaset. The underlying asset woudl be a stablecoin.
  • The stablecoin dynaset LP token is a very universal stablecoin, more stable and safe than a single stablecoin. We should try that other protocols (aave, beefy, anchor, compound, synthethix, cake…) use it and create yields/pools in their respective platforms using it. Then perhaps, this LP token can have a special name branding. (not dynStable, but some more commercial). I think this can be huge if we create a very developer-focused toolset to integrate the contribute/withdraw functions and the smart contracts, so these protocols can easily use this super stablecoin.


  • to have a daily poll in the telegram group asking “how do you feel with market today? Up/Down/Dontknow”. This can be a one more input for the IA sentiment analysis.
  • join a sentiment analysis bot in the most important channels of btc/eth/crypto in telegram. Same in reddit and twitter. The bot must be able to distinguish if a comment is bullish/bearish/not related…


  • IndigoProtocol has synthethix assets in cardano (iBTC,iETH,iUSDC…) will launch in Q3 2022 and reward its token for using their assets. 2 uses: Dynasets using them and getting indigo token to reward our dao members.
  • I think you already know Milkomeda. To use EVM (solidity contracts) in Cardano sidechain.


  • As a dao member, if my tier is high enough, I want to see some IA and DAM signals in the platform.
  • As a dao member, if my tier is high enough, I want to be in a community comitee with more relation with the team and taking part of some of the inside information and visibility. This can be done in a special private telegram group.
  • As a dao member, if my tier is high enough, I want to access to special more advantaged launchpad tiers
  • As a dao member, if my tier is high enouth, I want to access a special staking pool with more advantaged apy. Besides, this special pool can collect some rewards extra from performance fees of dynasets.
  • As a dao member, if my tier is high enough, I want to access to a special dynaset (for example, the dynaset of dynasets), which will be closed for non dao members or not enough tier members.
  • As a dao member, if my tier is high enough, I want to be able to create DAO proposals. And if my tier is not high enough, I can join a “pool” of contributors to be able to create the proposal with the strength of tier of all pool members…(politics)
  • As a dao member, if my tier is high enough, I want to interact with other dao members with the same tier level so we can do proposals together or talk about the protocol or talk with the team or create a pool of cardano together or whatelse.

Other idea
would it be a good idea to “stake”/block sdaos in a pool that is correlated to a certain dynaset? so the rewards to those blocked sdaos come from a relative share of the profits of the dynaset alpha (in a more generous way than the performance fees). So, we achieve

  1. we block sdaos and remove them from circulating
  2. Those rewards come from the market (from alpha of the dynaset) instead of from the treasure,
  3. one more use of sdao and reason to hold it and increase its value
  4. alternativally, the rewards can be in sdao (bought back from the share of the dynaset alpha), so this could be even better because a buyback is done