Twitter series: "What SDAO Holders have to say"

Hey guys!

A few days ago I got a message by Filipe who told me about an idea he has. I modified it and came up with the following concept:

A series called smth along the lines of „What SDAO Holders have to say“
Basically SDAO-Holders get a platform and can give their opinion about the project to the community.
How I imagine this: Once a week on a set day I’ll post what you guys have to say on my twitter. Maybe someone else wants to participate as well (thinking about you Alvaro) so we can post that 2 times a week on twitter. Dunno about the participation though.

Why should we do that?
I think everything that promotes community engagement will be a win and I personally think it’s interesting to see what other ppl think about the project. Twitter has a space limit but I could publish your text in a picture :slight_smile: Imagine coming back to your text in a few months/years and see how things turned out :smiley:

Now my questions to you:

  • What do you think about this idea?
  • What could be a good name for this series? We need a fancy one! Maybe we can combine this with the Dino meme
  • Should there be default questions the ppl answer or should they write their own text? Should we set any guidelines for it? Textlimit?
  • Topic: Focus on SDAO but also refer to the general market if you want to
  • Will you participate?
  • What is better: once or twice a week? I don’t want to oversaturate you haha
  • Do you know of more points we need to think about?

Let’s brainstorm together!

I already know how to choose the participants btw and when it’s their turn.

Ahh… and about FUD: I’m the one who will post it so I’ll make sure that if there is criticism in there (and constructive critisicm) it’s legit and not plain FUD


This is a really really good idea! Congratulations silbererde for all your hard work!

Now my answers to you:

  • I would have to think about the name, but definitely should reference Dynasets or #damgood.
  • I would say let’s start with default questions. We can have every now and then a “free word” from the community, but a targeted question would create a collective idea (that we love SDAO lol)
  • Focus 90% on SDAO, but we can also include other market opinions. Maybe like a “Bonus question” every now and then such as “Bull/Bear”, education topics such as the GBI Academy, references to AI and DeFi
  • I personally will!
  • Let’s start once a week. In time we can do twice a week, but let’s start small and getting engagement.

Other idea: we can also try to partner with other communities (AI/DeFi related) and do a 1 promotion (out of 9) about them (Cardano maybe?!). Just try to include others as well in this because, if we only write about SDAO, we won’t get much attention from the outside. If we do post something about another community (same questions, same format), they will share that post as well and SDAO will get attention indirectly.


Great idea and I’m happy to participate! I think once a week to start is good, then could increase to more frequent if you get a lot participating.

I agree it may be useful to have a default topic/question for people to comment on for each post:

  • Why are you bullish on SDAO?
  • What brought you to the project and why did you finally invest?
  • What are you most excited about in the coming months for SDAO?

Could also have topics that target cross-chain interactions, where you/we @ specific handles to promote engagement with those communities:

  • Which chain/ecosystem would you most like to see next on the SDAO platform?
  • What new SDAO collaborations would excite you the most?

And posts that encourage constructive ideas for new updates, governance topics, etc could be used to highlight existing benefits and what is to come:

  • What trading strategies would you like to see in future dynasets?
  • What suggestion would you have for the next governance vote?
  • What crypto influencers would you like to see us partner with?

Thanks for your efforts Silbererde!


Hello @silbererde , thanks for your ideas and effort! I don’t use Twitter but I wish you well in your campaign. I would just add: with which “community” are you intending to share opinions (presumably - those interested in tech / blockchain / crypto but not DAO or SDAO aware?), and for what purpose (enrolment in the SDAO community?)?

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Cardano community is a natural partner as there’s already a lot of collaboration between agix, sdao and ada. Another idea is the fetch community. Although fet seems like a competitor, sharing ideas could benefit both and besides, competitors often become partners.