What kinds of AI are used in the operation of SingularityDAO?

What kinds of AI are used in the operation of SingularityDAO?

The Price Predictor aims to predict the price of an asset in the immediate future, based on AI/ML from all sorts of market, fundamental and sentiment data.

The Portfolio Planner uses on-chain market data and gets predictions on price trends and volatility from the Price Predictor to provide long-term weights on tokens, helping plan building long-term investment strategies for DynaSets within bounded volumes and levels of risk.

The Strategy Evaluator uses the same on-chain data and price trend / volatility predictions to evaluate different competitive strategies and parameters of these strategies. It then backtests them to recommend the best one for current market conditions to be used to rebalance DynaSets.

The Weighting Agent relies on the same data and predictions suggesting short-term weights on tokens, helping the Portfolio Balancer adjust portfolio inventory given short-term risks.

The Sentiment Watcher monitors news feeds, and online media, and social media chatter about specific tokens and overall crypto-related buzz. It feeds this data to the Price Predictor and Signal Generator.

The Signal Generator takes predictions of current price fluctuations and sentiment buzz about specific tokens, and tells trading and liquidity provision applications when to buy, sell, create or cancel limit orders and what are the optimal sell, buy, ask and bid prices appropriate given the market momentum.